Canada Post Letter Mail shipping through Ebay

Posted by Grant Leavitt on

As most people know I also sell on Ebay.  A hundred or more of my Shopify store listings are also cross listed on Ebay.  Lately there has been a problem with Canada Post Letter Mail.  It is a lot slower than it used to be however it is still the cheapest method available to ship single cards.  I will usually mail the card the next business day.  Even mailing as fast as I can cards are taking 2 weeks inside the same province.  Once I mail it, the rest is up to Canada Post.  I have had 8 buyers over the last couple of months mark the delivery as late.  To many of these will affect a sellers rating which would eventually increase costs by taking away the top rated status.  

When a buyer marks the delivery as late the first thing that happens is they are added to my blocked buyer list.  To many of these late marks will increase my Ebay costs by 10 percent.  If that does happen I wont be offering letter mail at all, it will be tracked shipping for everything that goes out regardless of whether the card is 99 cents or not.  That way nobody can mark the delivery as late and problem solved for me.  In other words - if you take the cheapest shipping option, dont complain about how long it takes.  


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