Covid-19 shipping and eBays "new" payment system

Posted by Grant Leavitt on

Just a few thoughts about the situation with this virus and how long it takes to get things through the mail.  It has been taking 3 to 5 weeks for things to get through as a letter - sometimes even longer than 5 weeks.

I have had a lot of people on ebay asking to have cards shipped letter mail that I have tracked shipping on.  The answer was and is no, sorry but a few impatient people have taken that option off of the table.

 Recent events with people refusing to be patient and opening item not received cases after 3 weeks have convinced me of 1 thing - eBay sellers that only offer tracked shipping are not wrong.

  By the way if you are one of those people that have opened a request on eBay without even contacting me first - welcome to my blocked list.  I will block anyone that does not do me the courtesy of a simple message asking about their item.

In July eBay is taking over the payment system.  When eBay does this they will want access to every sellers bank account.  They will have the ability to deposit - AND Withdraw as they see fit.  So if I do not have a tracking number and someone opens a case eBay will then refund them from my bank account.  Since I can not have that happening I have a couple of options. Stop selling on eBay or open a new account and allow this to go on but put tracked shipping on EVERYTHING.  Even the $1 stuff would need to have tracked shipping.  I will have to give it some thought but right now when eBay takes over the payments I will no longer be selling on my blackrose... eBay account.  Feel free to stop by my Shopify store as I am still adding cards here as quickly as I can.  Over 4,000 cards are currently available from my website.

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